The Fonterra Research and Development Centre

Unlocking dairy goodness

From our very first dairy exports in 1845, New Zealand has been at the forefront of new developments in dairy.

As early as 1927, New Zealand launched a dedicated Dairy Research Institute, founded as a brand of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.


The NZDRI was the foundation of New Zealand’s reputation as a global leader in dairy and the inspiration behind Fonterra’s quest for continual innovation. Along the way, we’ve clocked up many ‘firsts’ that have shaped the world of dairy ingredients today.

  • The world’s first whey protein concentrate
  • Developed functional uses for casein powders
  • Extended whole milk powder shelf-life to 24 months
  • The world’s fastest-reconstituting instant whole milk powder

Unrivalled appetite for innovation

Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre in New Zealand is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with around 250 scientific and technical staff. It is complemented by our other innovation centres in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Chicago, Shanghai and Singapore. We also have active research partnerships with dozens of universities and research facilities worldwide.

Across all kinds of food and beverages, we're giving businesses new ways to go to market. Our dairy science is improving nutrition for parents and children, keeping ageing populations mobile, and energising the performance of athletes and sportspeople worldwide. Across all kinds of food and beverages, we’re giving businesses new ways to go to market. Whatever your product plans, using NZMP ingredients means you benefit from the power of Fonterra research and innovation.