Our farming expertise

Generations of experience and world-leading expertise

For over a century, New Zealand farmers have been learning from those who farmed before them.

Today, 10,500 New Zealand farmers co-operatively own Fonterra. They have a deep understanding of this land, and they know how to unlock its natural goodness.  Our Fonterra farmers focus on growing excellent grass and using farming practices that keep their cows healthy and contented.

Our farming practices

Animal welfare

In New Zealand, we’re internationally recognised for our high standards of animal welfare. The global Animal Protection Index ranks us equal first place for animal welfare standards. That’s because our farmers care about their animals, and we work together to make sure we uphold strict standards.

rBST free dairy

The New Zealand Government prohibits the use of animal growth hormones in dairy farming. Our farmers never use growth hormones (rBST) to increase milk production.

Expertise through experience and innovation

Farming on pasture is how we’ve always done it – it’s in our roots. New Zealand farmers have a deep and diverse set of pasture based farming skills. But we’re also forward-thinking. We’re constantly refining our farming practices and embracing new ideas that will help us care for our cows and produce better dairy ingredients. 

As nature intended

In New Zealand, we’re committed to farming on grass, the way nature intended. Our cows are able to roam freely within the paddock and have the freedom to express natural behaviours. Annually, on average 85% of our cows’ diet is grass, and they spend 90% of their time on open pastures.

For more information on Cared For Cows go to www.fonterra.com/cared-for-cows