Unmatched product performance

Quality, safety, consistency and reliability - the hallmarks of NZMP ingredients

You need outstanding performance from your ingredients, and we'll deliver it.

In a world where competition gets tougher every day, you need the edge of outstanding ingredient performance to make your products first class.

NZMP delivers on these critical demands. Across all five ingredient product groups offered, independent benchmarking consistently rates NZMP product performance significantly above those of our competitors.* Quality, safety and reliability - they're just some of the things you'll find from working with NZMP.

The ingredients for your business success

Why are NZMP ingredients so good? The natural advantages of New Zealand combined with our unique approach to dairy manufacturing turns outstanding raw materials into world-class ingredients.

Safety is critical in your business and ours. That’s why, at peak production, more than 20,000 tests are carried out on NZMP products every single day. Equally reassuring is the fact that our production facilities are subject to around 2,000 audits each year. With our comprehensive anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident measures on packaging, safety is something you can be sure of with NZMP ingredients.

Rigorous testing at many stages of production and manufacture, and investment in research and innovation, are all part of the deep dairy expertise you can benefit from when you buy NZMP ingredients.

And when you need to stay ahead of the competition, or satisfy new customer trends, nobody has greater appetite for innovation than us. Our NZMP Gold Instant Wholemilk Powder offers superior reconstitution performance and SureProteinTM WPC550 has excellent heat stability in manufacturing.



*Independent CVM survey conducted by TNS, 2015