Nothing compares to the taste of real dairy in your bakery products

Our New Zealand-made dairy ingredients are the key to beautiful bakery goods – whether you want a clean, buttery flavour or an authentic dairy sweetness.

We offer unique ingredients to infuse your bakery goods with delicious natural flavour, in a range of formats.

The difference between dull and delicious

Give your bakery goods a beautiful golden hue and that clean, caramel flavour you can only get with real dairy. Our butters, dairy fats and milk powders enhance your baked products not just in flavour, but in appearance too. They’ll help you achieve layers and height for baked goods, assist cakes in rising and add moisture to pastries to stay fresher, longer. We have a full range at your fingertips, from butters to proteins, dairy fats to specialty ingredients like frozen cream. 

Tap into the expertise of the dairy experts

We know what’s important for bakery manufacturing. Our ingredients have consistency to help you achieve reliable outcomes in baking. We have a range of specialty fat fraction ingredients to improve performance in pastry applications, and a full selection of protein powder ingredients too. Overall, our extensive range of products and formats will help you meet all your processing and handling requirements. 

Quality dairy for better baked goods

Our extensive range of butter, dairy fat and specialty ingredients will help you to create delicious baked goods with authentic dairy taste

World-leading expertise

Decades of research and development and one of the largest dairy research facilities in the world

Made from New Zealand milk

90% of our ingredients are made from New Zealand milk: higher in omega-3 and CLA fats, vitamin E and beta-carotene than milk from grain-fed cows