High Protein Low Sugar Crispy Dough Bar

A great tasting and guilt free option


High Protein Low Sugar Crispy Dough Bar

19g protein per 60g bar (32%)

With a sprinkling of whey protein crisps, this great tasting, soft and easy to eat dough bar meets consumer’s desires for a variety of textures in their nutrition bars.  It’s high protein, low sugar and high fiber levels deliver to highly sought-after snack bar nutrition.  

Customer Benefits

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Delicious refueling option

A great tasting and guilt free option before a work out or in between meals while maintaining your resolve to eat well.

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High quality dairy protein

With 19g of high-quality dairy protein this bar is a perfect snack providing plenty of protein for satiety and muscle fuel, along with 30% of your daily fiber needs and only 2g of sugar per bar.

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