Cheddar Cheese

A semi-hard cheese with a flavour that ranges between mild and creamy to full-bodied, depending on maturity

Cheddar is a popular cheese around the world, and our cheddar range is no exception.

While cheddar is characterised by its semi-hard, smooth body, there is also great variety in flavour to be found, depending on maturity. Choose between flavours that range from mild and milky to distinctively sharp, as well as varieties that include reduced fat, vegetarian, low and reduced salt and organic.


  • Semi-hard, rindless cured cheese with a firm, smooth body
  • Uniform creamy colour
  • Taste ranges from creamy and mild to sharp and tangy

Choose your cheddar flavour and variety

We offer a range of cheddar cheeses with flavour profiles ranging from mild and creamy in young products, to a distinctive sharp flavour in the cheddars we’ve matured over longer periods of time. In addition to cheddars of different maturities, you can also choose between our alternative variants such as organic, reduced and low salt, or reduced fat.

Our cheddar options:

  • Mild
  • Mature
  • Coloured
  • Extra strong flavoured
  • Mature vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Reduced fat (<4%)
  • Reduced and low salt (0.4%)

The many uses of cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese can be utilised in so many ways. It can be shredded as a topping, or melted in cooking and baking applications. It can be cut into smaller retail packs. It’s great for processing, or people can enjoy cheddar as it comes as a table or snack cheese.


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Many cheddar varieties

From mild to sharp, organic or reduced fat

Versatile to process

Slice, shred, melt and more

It’s ready to use

Perfect as a table or snack cheese, or use it for cooking and baking