Egmont™ Cheese

A unique NZMP cheese with a distinctive, slightly nutty flavour

Egmont™ is a unique New Zealand-made cheese. It has a distinctive mild, slightly sweet and nutty flavour that blends well with others.


  • Excellent melt qualities
  • Slightly sweet and nutty flavour
  • Blends well with other flavours
  • Smooth, plastic body and uniform creamy colour

A delightful taste with versatility

Our Egmont™ cheese is a cheddar-style, semi-hard, cured rindless cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour that is absolutely unique and blends well with other flavours.

The many uses of Egmont™

Renowned for its uniformity and consistency, Egmont™ melts well, making it perfect for cooking and baking. It’s also an excellent shredding and slicing cheese for use in retail, catering and industrial packs.  


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Unique flavour

There’s no other cheese with the same sweet nutty flavour as Egmont™

Excellent melt

Makes it a great cheese for cooking and baking

Pairs well with others

Flavour complements so many others