Mozzarella Cheese

A delightfully stretchy cheese with a mild flavour to suit any palate

With its delicious, stretchy quality and great melt, Mozzarella is the cheese for pizza, pasta, baking and more. Comes in block format for easy shredding.


  • Made from fresh New Zealand milk
  • Uniform pale creamy colour
  • Excellent appearance in baking especially in relation to blister size and colour, with minimal oil-off on baking
  • Firm rubbery body with excellent melt and stretch characteristics
  • Mild milky flavour

The cheese made for pizza 

Mozzarella is specifically developed as a premium cheese for pizza applications. As a pasta filata cheese, it’s undergone a unique stretching process during its production to give it the stringy, stretchy quality it’s famous for. Our Mozzarella is perfect for cooking as it melts like a dream, has a mild creamy flavour and a firm, rubbery body. 

Many more applications

Mozzarella is excellent for all kinds of cooking applications – in pasta dishes and sauces, melted on focaccia bread and more. 


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The perfect melt

Stretchy, stringy – ideal for making pizza

Convenient block format

 Perfect for easy shredding 

Premium quality

Made from fresh New Zealand milk