Gouda Cheese

A mild, slightly sweet cheese with varieties designed for different palates

Our traditional brine-salted Gouda is mild and slightly sweet, and we’ve developed a more savoury dry-salted option for the Asian palate too. 



  • Mild, slightly sweet flavour
  • Dry-salt version available with a more savoury taste
  • Uniform creamy colour and consistency
  • Firm smooth plastic body

For processing, the table or more

Gouda is a semi-hard cured rindless cheese, excellent for cutting or slicing into small retail units, as a table or snack cheese, and as a shredding cheese.  It’s also great for processed cheese applications.

Gouda for different palates

We have a number of Gouda options. The brine-salted gouda is a more traditional style, while we also offer a low salt option, and a varietal we call Gouda M. Gouda M is dry-salted and has been designed to appeal to an Asian palate, with a clean, mild and savoury taste.


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Low salt and savoury varietals

Our dry-salted Gouda M was designed for the Asian market

Many applications

As a snack cheese, for processing or slicing for retail

Popular flavour

Gouda has a mild, slightly sweet flavour popular the world over