Noble™ Cheese

A unique, New Zealand full-flavoured cheddar with 30% less fat

Noble™ is a reduced-fat cheddar developed by our expert cheesemakers using fresh New Zealand milk, with no compromise on taste or texture. Our Noble™ cheese has a well-rounded flavour with savoury and fruity notes. 



  • Reduced fat cheese – 30% less than standard cheddar
  • Uniform creamy colour
  • Uncompromised texture
  • Savoury and fruity cheddar notes

Reduced fat, without compromise

Meet the demand of consumers for healthier food, without compromising on taste. All too often, reduced fat cheeses have their texture and flavour negatively affected during the cheese-making process. Not so our Noble™ reduced fat cheddar. It’s been developed by our expert cheesemakers, who have utilised our world-class starter culture capability and expertise to develop a reduced fat cheese – made with fresh New Zealand milk – that doesn’t compromise on flavour or texture. 

Fruity, savoury and delicious

The first thing a consumer might notice, biting into Noble™ cheddar, is just how great it tastes. We’ve ensured that the average consumer wouldn’t tell the difference between standard cheddar and Noble™, even though Noble™ contains 30% less fat than standard cheddar. 

 With more flavour than other reduced fat cheddars, Noble™ is full and well-rounded with savoury and fruity notes. This makes it perfect as a table cheese, pairing well with all kinds of other foods for antipasto platters, sandwiches and more.


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30% reduced fat

gives consumers a healthier option

No compromise on taste or texture

Uncompromised texture and taste, unlike most reduced-fat cheeses


Premium source

Made from fresh New Zealand milk