Swiss Style Cheese

With a supple, elastic body and distinctive ‘holey’ appearance

Subtly different from classic Swiss cheese, our New Zealand-made Swiss has a sweet, nutty flavour and those distinctive holes throughout its supple, springy body.


  • Pale yellow colour with holes
  • Supple springy elastic body
  • Mild sweet nutty flavour
  • Uniformity and consistency
  • Retains good block shape
  • Cuts with minimal fracturing

There’s more to Swiss than just its distinctive look

Swiss-cheese, with its holes – or ‘eyes’, is a semi-cured, rindless cheese. Our NZMP Swiss-style cheese has a subtle flavour difference from the classic Swiss cheese, displaying sweet, nutty notes.

Applications of Swiss-style cheeses

Swiss-style cheeses retain good block shape and cuts with minimal fracturing, making them ideal to be cut into smaller retail packs, used in processed cheese applications and in cold pack or club cheese manufacture.


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Sweet, nutty flavour

Mild taste with a springy body


Slices well

Retains a good block shape and slices well, for repacking


Premium quality

Made from fresh New Zealand milk