Taupo™ Cheese

A unique New Zealand-made cheese type for Asian palates

Manufactured exclusively by Fonterra, our Taupo style cheese has a unique creamy, milky flavour-profile with particular appeal to Asian palates.


  • Uniform creamy colour
  • Smooth, plastic body
  • Unique mild, creamy flavour

Made in New Zealand, made to please Asian palates

Our Taupo type of cheese was specifically developed to appeal to Asian taste palates, and is only manufactured by Fonterra New Zealand. It has a unique, milky flavour - slightly stronger than an Edam - and a delicious, creamy flavour. 

Taupo, the versatile cheese

Taupo is an excellent shredding and slicing cheese, for use in retail, catering and industrial packs. It’s also used in processed cheese applications to provide a mild, creamy, sweet flavour.


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Designed for Asian palates

A unique, creamy flavour



For shredding or slicing, processed or for use in retail, catering and industrial packs


Premium quality

Made from fresh New Zealand milk