Parmesan Cheese

A hard cheese with a distinctive sharp taste

Our Parmesan cheese comes in two options – both distinctively sharp, but one with a softer savoury flavour. Parmesan finishes off so many meals beautifully, complementing salads and soups, pasta, vegetables and more.


  • Pale yellow colour
  • Dense, dry granular texture
  • Renowned for uniformity and consistency
  • Rich, sharp flavour with no bitter aftertaste
  • Two varieties available 

Two Parmesan options for different palates

Parmesan is a hard, cured dry-salted cheese with a distinctive, sharp flavour. Our Parmesan comes in two options, without or without lipase. Parmesan without lipase has a softer savoury flavour compared to the other, but is still characteristic of traditional Parmesan. This means both options have a pleasant, mature sharpness without any bitter aftertaste.

Add more flavour to dishes with Parmesan

Parmesan is often used as a topping to add a burst of flavour to many foods, most famously to pastas and other Italian dishes. It can be finely grated for use in salads or soups, shaved for antipasto platters, over vegetables or in Caesar salads. Or it can even be broken into chunks for a cheese board. In any form, Parmesan stands out with its unique flavour.


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Hard, granular texture

making it ideal for grating or shaving


Two options for different palates

both with Parmesan’s uniquely sharp taste, one with a slightly softer flavour


Premium source

Made from fresh New Zealand milk