Pizza Cheese

A cost-effective alternative to Mozzarella, with excellent shred, stretch and melt qualities

Our Pizza Cheese is made from fresh New Zealand milk, designed to be shredded for use in pizza, pasta and baked applications.

A cost effective alternative to Mozzarella, it has many of the same qualities – from its mild, creamy flavour to its great melt and stretch characteristics.



  • Uniform pale yellow colour
  • Made from fresh New Zealand milk
  • Mild, creamy, slightly acidic flavour
  • Firm, slightly curdy texture
  • Good stretch, shred and melt

The cost-effective, versatile choice for pizza

Our Pizza Cheese is the perfect way to improve cost-efficiency while maintaining the quality of your products. It’s a cost-effective alternative to Mozzarella with similar characteristics, and can be used on its own or blended with Mozzarella to achieve just the right stretch.

Blend it to create the result you want

Use a higher percentage of Pizza Cheese for a more cost-effective

blend, or if stretch is more important, use a higher percentage of Mozzarella. On its own in a pizza, our Pizza Cheese achieves a stretch of 50-75mm*, which is increased further in a 50% blend with our Mozzarella.

Perfect performance and shred

NZMP Pizza Cheese has excellent shred qualities, making it easy and efficient to use. It performs similarly to Mozzarella, producing consistently-sized shreds with no clumping.

When cooked, our Pizza Cheese melts completely, producing great colour and an appealing sheen and - like Mozzarella - has less oil runoff than other cheeses. 


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Consistent performance

Good melt, stretch and colour for great pizza, every time


Cost-effective quality

Substitute in pizza cheese for a more cost-effective solution, or blend with Mozzarella for even better stretch


Outstanding quality

Our pizza cheese is made from fresh milk from New Zealand cows