Offers unparalleled convenience and quality at a competitive price

Our range of high quality dairy fat blend products combine pure milk fat or butter (in a choice of ratios) with a range of non-dairy fats or other non-dairy inclusions to suit your application.  

Non-dairy can include a variety of vegetable oils, lecithin, salt, lactic acid, or even West African cocoa beans.


  • Purpose-designed for specific market and application blends
  • Consistent performance in use
  • Creamy dairy flavour
  • Range of packaging formats

Taking you closer to the finished product

Our range of blends has been created by listening closely to the needs of our customers. Each has specific properties that make your manufacturing processes easier, quicker and consistently reliable.

The range to suit

Each NZMP blend is designed for a specific range of applications. From bakery and confectionery to margarine and processed cheese manufacture, from chocolate sweets and desserts to sauces, vegetable oils and recombined dairy products, there’s an NZMP blend to suit your precise product and market needs.


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Affordable dairy flavour

Adds a delicious underlying New Zealand dairy taste

Flexible formulation

Our wide range has exactly the blend and proportions for the task

Reliable performance

Consistent quality you can rely on, shown by independent benchmarking