Salted or unsalted, spreadable and specialist – the choice is yours

Our New Zealand butters begin with fresh cream to produce a variety of salted, unsalted and cultured butters as well as a range of specialty butters designed for optimum flavour and performance in specific applications. 

Butter is one of the purest foods in the world - made from natural ingredients; fresh cream with the option of salt.  The very best butter has a distinctive yellow colour.  It’s all down to the fact that in New Zealand, cows are able to graze year-round on pasture.  Research shows that grass-fed dairy products have higher levels of key components, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamin K2.  New Zealand cows are pasture raised and you can actually see the ‘goodness’ in our yellow butter.


  • Light yellow colour, distinguishable of milk produced by grass-fed cows
  • Creamy taste
  • Range of packaging formats

The natural goodness of New Zealand milk

Our butter range may be comprehensive, but every product shares the same underlying qualities. Milk and cream from New Zealand pasture-fed cows have been shown to be high in omega-3, CLA fats, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. 

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Specialist applications 

World-leading processing technology means our butters perform consistently in specialist applications. Our pastry butters, for example, have specific milk fat fractions to improve handling and deliver up to 20% more rise compared to standard butter.

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Creamy taste

Creamy, delicious flavour

Packed with natural goodness

Naturally high in omega-3, CLA fats, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene

Natural dairy ingredients

Made from fresh New Zealand milk, from cows with access to lush pasture