Spreadable butter

100% pure and natural New Zealand butter that spreads straight from the refrigerator

100% pure and natural New Zealand Butter that spreads straight from the refrigerator. No additives, no emulsifiers – nothing but cream and salt, the way butter is supposed to be made.


  • Delicious, natural butter flavour
  • Grass feed cows produce milk with higher levels of beta-carotene which makes NZ butter naturally golden and is why it is good source of Vitamin A
  • Natural and unique butter made from fresh cream is impossible to imitate. Excellent mouthfeel.
  • Available in salted and low salt forms
  • Contains no added colours, flavours or preservatives - clean label
  • Consistent texture and performance – so it spreads well straight from the fridge.
  • Contains natural vitamin E (butter is a natural anti-oxidant)
  • Produced in New Zealand
  • Pure and natural, high quality, premium product.

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