Frozen Cream

Swiftly frozen to lock in the natural, fresh and creamy flavour

Pasteurised 42% fat content cream, snap frozen to preserve its natural qualities. Our frozen cream has a host of uses for applications such as bakery, desserts, sauces, confectionery, ice-cream and for whipping.


  • Light creamy yellow colour – distinctive from being sourced from grass fed cows
  • Natural, creamy taste
  • High (42%) fat content
  • 25kg bag in carton format, 30 cartons per pallet

Natural and full of goodness

NZMP frozen cream is an all-natural product made from pasteurised milk and contains no additives, preservatives, other fats or impurities. Fast-frozen after manufacture to retain its delicious creamy taste, it is ideal in consumer applications like ice-cream, confectionery or any recombined dairy product. 


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Suitable for consumer and industrial process applications

No artificial ingredients

Just natural dairy cream

Delicious flavour

Natural, creamy flavour from fresh milk