Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) Prebiotic Fibre 

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GOS is a soluble prebiotic fibre which helps to maintain and promote gut health. It is gentle on the stomach, and often better tolerated than other prebiotic fibre sources. GOS contains monosaccharides which support post-exercise recovery to restore glucose levels.

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Halal Kosher Vegetarian

Promotes gut health

Has a prolonged effect in the colon stimulating different types of bacteria which may improve immunity, mineral absorption and gut health.

Gentle on the digestive system 

Due to their complex structure, GOS fibres reach the gut intact and are often more tolerable compared to other prebiotic fibre sources.

Excellent functionality

Offers improved flavour, texture advantages & more stablity during shelf life of your product when compared to other fibre sources. 

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This ingredient has the following features:

  • Mild, slightly sweet flavour 
  • Available in syrup, power & organic form

With growing evidence linking a healthy gut to overall wellbeing, GOS soluble prebiotic fibres are perfect for the active, health conscious consumer seeking a high fibre snack option and enables a high fibre claim when applied at 6g per 100g.

A great ingredient to establish, support and maintain a healthy gut, this ingredient is available in powder and syrup form and offers superior functional properties to your formulation such as texture & stability in yoghurts, desserts (including ice cream), nutritional powders, beverages & bars.

This ingredient can also be used in medical and healthy ageing nutritional applications.

  • Produced and audited against Fonterra’s high quality standards
  • Manufactured with Lactose, sourced from Fonterra Europe with full traceability
  • Granted EU novel foods equivalence
  • Stable to extremes of pH and temperature during manufacture
  • GOS is mild in flavour with a relative sweetness 40% lower than that of sucrose

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