Buttermilk Powder

A rich, creamy flavour, with great heat stability properties

From cream comes buttermilk, and from spray-dried buttermilk comes our rich, creamy buttermilk powder. This highly reliable ingredient has excellent solubility and good emulsifying properties.


  • Rich, creamy taste
  • Soluble
  • Emulsifying properties
  • High in phospholipids to improve heat stability
  • Uniform fat content

Buttermilk powder to stabilise other milks

Our buttermilk powder is high in phospholipids, which improve the heat stability of evaporated milk and recombined UHT milks. This improved heat stability can help to reduce fouling rates in UHT milk sterilisers.

With superior solubility and emulsifying properties, our buttermilk powder also lets you use a lower level of stabilisers in your product formulation. 

Flexible and highly reliable, no matter your requirements

Choose from regular or highly functional forms, depending on your phospholipid and heat stability requirements. Whatever your need, you’ll find our buttermilk powder to be highly reliable, helping to produce consistent final products.

Superior taste

When it comes to flavour, our buttermilk powder has a lot going for it. High levels of phospholipids, great solubility, uniform fat content and good emulsifying properties give a full, rich, creamy taste.

The many uses of buttermilk powder

Buttermilk powder is ideal for use as an ingredient in:

  • recombined products such as evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and ultra heat treated milk
  • cultured products
  • ice cream
  • chocolate
  • margarine
  • dressings and dips
  • baked goods


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* Not suitable for use in infant formula products for infants under the age of 12 months

Rich creamy taste

From New Zealand milk, where lush, green pasture grows year-round

Difference you can measure

In phospholipid count; functionally superior to ordinary BMPs

Consistent quality

and reliable supply from the world leader in dairy