NZMP High Calcium Instant WMP

High in calcium, and packed with added vitamins to support strong bones and teeth

There’s more to our High Calcium ingredient than rich, creamy flavour. Fortified with 58% more calcium than standard instant whole milk powder, it will also help you to meet increasing consumer demand for more nutritious products.

This ingredient makes "high calcium" claims possible on your packs, helping you to differentiate your brand on-shelf. 


  • Excellent dispersability and solubility 
  • Fortified with Calcium 
  • Fortified with Vitamin A and D 
  • Rich, creamy flavour
  • Good flow properties 
  • Contains lecithin 

High in calcium, to meet growing bone-health concerns worldwide

Consumers are becoming more health aware, and demand more nutrition from their choice of milk powders. As a result, those with health and wellness claims are outgrowing the general market.

The top concern remains bone health, with 42% of powdered milk product launches globally claiming bone health as an on-pack claim. The trend is even more noticeable in South East Asia – up 150%.


One key mineral for bone health is, of course, calcium.

Powering your high calcium claims

Our NZMP High Calcium Instant WMP has 58% more calcium than regular instant whole milk powder, and it’s also fortified with vitamins A and D. Just one 30g scoop can supply 45% of a person’s typical daily calcium needs.2

As the foundation for your high calcium product, nothing beats our High Calcium Instant WMP. It can power your claims on pack and in the market.


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1 Mintel GNPD 2011-15 

2 Based on Codex Nutrient Reference Values – requirements for calcium of 1,000mg

3 Subject to in-market regulations and consumer ready formats

Gives you on-pack claims that matter

Can claim high in iron and zinc, a good source of calcium3

Fast reconstitution

Excellent dispersability and solubility with minimal stirring needed

Premium source

Natural dairy goodness from New Zealand pastures