For use as a food ingredient in a variety of applications

A carbohydrate with relatively low sweetness, lactose can replace sucrose and excels as a flavour enhancer. The ability to brown makes it perfect in baking and confectionery applications. And our 99.8% Refined Edible grade is ideal for use in infant formula.


  • Low sweetness
  • Non-Hygroscopic; continues to flow freely around moisture
  • Flavour and colour binding properties
  • Edible 99.5% Lactose and Refined Edible 99.8% Lactose grades
  • Custom mesh sizes available to suit your needs

The options to suit

Our two main product lines are Edible 99.5% Lactose – an ideal baking and confectionery ingredient – and Refined Edible 99.8% Lactose, which is optimised for use in infant formula. Edible 99.5% is available in Kosher and Halal options; Refined Edible 99.8% as a Halal option. 


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The range you need with properties you can count on when you demand reliability, it has to be NZMP

Suited to wet and dry blend

Non-hygroscopic properties for free flow around moisture

Protein standardisation

Ideal for standardising milk powder