Gold WMP for UHT

Stability, consistency and performance in UHT Milk

All around the world, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to optimise their UHT processes.

That’s why we created NZMP Gold WMP for UHT – to help with cost efficiencies during the manufacturing process by delivering superior UHT stability, consistency and performance.


  • Superior performance in UHT Milk applications 
  • Tighter manufacturing controls
  • Extra testing using newly developed tools 
  • Natural, creamy dairy flavour

Longer production runs

NZMP Gold WMP for UHT has a much slower fouling rate than industry standard whole milk powders, enabling you to maintain longer production runs.  


*Exact processing time depends on customer formulation and plant configuration

Outperforming the industry standard

NZMP Gold WMP for UHT delivers consistently superior performance than industry standard milk powders in UHT milk applications:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Designed to enable your UHT milk to be a sterile product
  • Reduced rate of fouling, enabling longer and more consistent run lengths
  • More stable end product shelf-life
  • Less variability in your processes and products


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Longer production runs

A more UHT stable powder ensures a reduced rate of fouling within sterilisers


Cleaner label UHT milk

Lower need for processing aids during UHT milk production


Consistent shelf life stability

A more consistent powder leads to a more consistent end-product