Regular WMP for Tea

Creamy whole milk powder taste, which dissolves quickly and easily in hot tea

This new ingredient has been created for repack manufacturers wanting a regular whole milk powder to produce an end product for consumers that dissolves quickly and easily in hot tea.

Our NZMP Regular Wholemilk Powder for Tea has a creamy flavour and performs excellently for tea application. 


  • Good solubility in hot water and tea 
  • Tested for suitability for hot water and tea application
  • Rich, creamy flavour
  • Good flow properties 

The best of both worlds

Consumers want a milk powder that dissolves quickly and easily in hot tea. What many don't want is the flavour profile associated with the lecithin found in instant whole milk powder. That’s why we created a product that has the delicious taste of regular whole milk powder with improved solubility in tea application.

Fast dissolve with great taste – how did we do it?

For quality and performance assurance, we test the powder in tea during the grading process.The exact process has to remain our secret, but such technical mastery shouldn't be a surprise. Our capacity to innovate is second to none, with a long history of scientific and technological breakthroughs in dairy. 

Today, we have a team of over 250 scientists, technicians and support staff focused on innovation, based at our Dairy Research Centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand. It’s the largest of its type in the world.

The ingredient has shown significant efficiency for tea application.

Tailored for performance in tea

The rich, creamy flavour of whole milk power that dissolves fast in tea

Premium source

Natural dairy goodness from the lush green pastures of New Zealand