Skim Milk Powder 

A versatile, low-fat ingredient for a range of applications 

Made with fresh, pasteurised, skimmed milk, our SMP has a low fat content with a clean taste and excellent solubility. With so many versatile options, you can choose from regular, instant, UHT or organic forms, a fortified option or from our range of powders designed for specific applications. 


  • Excellent solubility 
  • Good dispersability
  • Low fat content
  • Clean flavour
  • Additive free
  • Available in three heat treatment ranges
  • Large variety of forms and specifications
  • Uniform and consistent composition

A range of skimmed milk powder options for you

Each of our skimmed milk powders creates a clean dairy milk taste with consistent composition and quality. You can choose exactly the specification of powder needed for your product formulation from our large range of options:

  • Regular
  • Instant
  • UHT
  • Organic
  • Specialty range – such as GOLD skimmed milk powder for fermented milk drinks or Paediatric Grade Powder for use in Infant Nutrition.*

We have low-heat, medium-heat or high-heat specifications to suit your needs.

So many applications for this versatile product

You can use our skim milk powder in so many ways. It’s ideal for use as a source of non-fat milk solids in confectionery products, bakery products, in dry blended and formulated products. And also in a wide range of recombined dairy products such as UHT milks, cultured products, sweetened condensed milks and ice cream mixes.

We also offer a variety of instant and fortified skim milk powder specifications for repacking and nutritional powder applications: perfect when fresh milk supply or refrigeration is not available. 

It’s reliable; we’re reliable too

The consistency and uniformity you’ll experience with our skimmed milk powders is just one aspect of the reliability you’ll enjoy. Our medium-heat and high-heat skimmed milk powders have the heat stability you need in applications such as UHT and bakery products. And reliable supply throughout the year means less variation and better yields.


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The range you need

So many varieties, each one with a consistent, reliable composition.

Low in fat

Made from fresh, pasteurised skimmed milk from New Zealand.

Consistent quality and supply

Enjoy a reliable supply with a uniform and consistent composition.