Whey Powder

Low mineral content, ideal for wet and dry  blend infant formula

Our SureStartTM Demineralised Whey Powder (Demin90) is 90% demineralised, making it ideal for wet blend infant formula powder and other nutritional uses. It is produced in Europe, with total control of the supply chain.


  • Consistent, low mineral content
  • Suitable for wet blending in infant formula
  • Unaffected by seasonality, due to unique processing
  • Wet Blend >10% protein, <1.4% fat, ash <1.5% 

Natural product with superior consistency

This demineralised whey powder is manufactured from cheese whey which is pasteurised and concentrated before being slowly crystallised under controlled conditions, then spray-dried. Produced with a consistent, integrated supply source, at our purpose-designed plant, it delivers consistent functionality, quality and composition. Ensuring there is no need to adjust mineral additions to deliver your desired finished product.


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