Highly functional and versatile proteins with many uses

High in protein, caseinates are the water-soluble version of caseins, and some of our caseinates offerings can provide slow release of amino acids.

Our range is suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, creamers, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, processed and analogue cheeses, cream liqueurs, bakery products and cultured foods.


  • High in protein (>90%)
  • Rapid dispersion in water
  • High in L-glutamine for muscle building

Gain a textural edge

As well as being highly nutritious, our range of caseinates can help you achieve the texture you desire in a variety of products. From thickening soups and gravies to an emulsifier and stabiliser in powders and creamers, talk to us about the right choice of caseinate for your needs.

Some of our Caseinates we recommened

SureProtein™ 380 Calcium Caseinate (Cacas) – 90% Protein

CACAS380 provides good processability and a short bar texture. 


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Caseins and caseinates

High protein

with slow release of essential amino acids (Calcium Caseinate)

Versatile and functional

From achieving the right texture to binding water

pH neutral

Ranging from 6.5 to 7.2