Milk Protein Isolates

Excellent flavour & nutritional value, high in micellar casein & low in lactose

Our SureProtein™ range of MPIs offers an extremely versatile choice. Each has been developed to optimise performance in specific applications.

Highly nutritious and made from fresh New Zealand milk, they’re the perfect choice for your products.


  • Naturally high in bound calcium and micellar casein
  • Great flavour
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Highly functional in a wide range of foods and beverages

Many applications

Milk protein isolates have uses in health food supplements, medical nutrition (enteral foods), paediatric products, coffee and beverage whiteners, and a variety of nutritional applications for the sport, weight management and ageing nutrition markets.

Precisely tailored attributes

Our MPI range allows manufacturers to deliver on a range of attributes to suit their specific product needs, including dispersibility, viscosity, emulsification and stability. From whipped desserts to cream cheese and spreads, batter coatings to nutritional beverages, there’s an NZMP MPI that’s perfect for the job.

Some of our Milk Protein Isolates we recommend:

SureProtein™ 4900 Milk Protein Isolate (Mpi) – 80% Protein

An ideal ingredient for nutritional products, this milk protein isolate has excellent heat stability, a milky flavor, high nutritional value and high opacity in water.