Whey Protein Concentrates

High in protein, with an almost endless list of applications

Whey protein concentrates (WPC) are a great source of protein that’s rapidly digested by the body. When you choose your WPC from our specialised SureProtein™ range you can be sure of quality, consistency and performance in a broad range of application. 

Our leading WPC innovation

Our NZMP SureProteinTM WPC 550 is a unique ingredient as it delivers the convenience of an ambient stable UHT beverage with high levels of whey protein, without compromising taste and texture, which is not possible with other commercially-available whey products.


We are at the forefront of protein innovation, and some of our functional WPC solutions enable manufacturers to attain the high levels of protein consumers want without compromising on taste and texture - which isn’t possible with other commercially available WPCs.  


  • Wide choice of specifications – protein from 42% to 90%
  • Rich in bound calcium
  • Clean taste
  • Made from fresh cheese whey or casein whey using an ultrafiltration process and spray drying. 
  • Low temperature processing retains the nutritional and functional properties. 

We have the specification for your application

Whatever the application, if product performance and reliability matter to you, NZMP is the source to choose.  Manufactured by Fonterra in New Zealand as well as other countries, our WPCs are available in a range of protein concentrates from 42% to 90% depending on the protein, fat, lactose and mineral levels you require. All come with the reassurance that only NZMP ingredients bring: a reputation for product quality from the world leader in dairy protein, shown by independent benchmarking.

The highly versatile protein for nutrition

Whey protein is rapidly digested by the body, allowing fast absorption of its nutritional benefits into the blood stream and muscles. It’s also naturally high in the three essential branched chain amino acids (leucine, iso-leucine and valine) compared to other protein sources, helping support muscle maintenance, build and recovery. This makes WPC an ideal source of protein for products targeted at sports consumers and people wishing to keep active and mobile as they age.

You can use our WPC in a variety of applications such as

  • Yoghurts, beverages and dairy desserts.
  • As a superior source of protein fortification for nutritional products and infant food. 
  • As a gelling agent for meat products. 
  • As the ideal ingredient for sports nutrition applications, e.g. protein bars, sport beverages and protein gels.

Some of our Whey Protein Concentrate products we recommend

SureProtein™  Flex 515 Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – 80% Protein

WPC515 is the next generation of whey protein concentrate powder. This breakthrough ingredient permits high levels of whey protein in bars, yoghurts and snacks, delivering a superior taste and texture. 

SureProtein™ Vital 550 Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – 80% Protein 

This ingredient sets the benchmark in functional whey proteins, specially formulated to enable the delivery of high protein levels into nutritional beverage applications which cannot be reached using other types of whey protein ingredients. WPC550 has excellent heat stability. 

SureProtein™  392 Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – 80% Protein 

WPC392 delivers smooth, cohesive bar texture in bars, and has good emulsifying capability with good viscosity for beverage applications. 

SureProtein™  450 Instantized Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – 80% Protein 

Soluble over a wide pH range, this whey protein concentrate has excellent dispersibility and translucency, an excellent nutritional profile,

SureProtein™  472 Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) – 80% Protein 

Suitable for retort and UHT beverages, highlights of this whey protein concentrate include excellent dispersibility, solubility over a wide pH range and low viscosity. 


We have the specification you need

With so many choices within our SureProtein
range - helping you to create quality products

Consistency and quality

Consistent protein content and casein-to-whey protein ratio, at the percentage you choose


Perfect for use in a variety of product applications including bar, beverages, yoghurts, snacking, cheeses and more