Whey Protein Isolates

An extremely versatile, high protein ingredient

Our SureProtein™ range of whey protein isolates (WPI) are all made from fresh New Zealand milk. In fact, we’re the sole New Zealand manufacturer of WPI, and pioneers of using WPI in clear beverages. WPIs are low in fat and lactose and are highly nutritious, suitable for a large range of beverages and foods.


Our latest WPI innovation...

Our NZMP SureProtein™ Clear WPI 8855 still sets the benchmark for clear acid beverage development. To find our more about this ingredient and other products in our WPI range download our WPI brochure here.

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  • Highly concentrated whey protein (greater than 90%)
  • Low in fat, lactose and minerals
  • Very high in protein
  • Soluble
  • Extremely functional across a range beverages and foods 

The many uses of whey protein isolates

We produce microfiltered (MF) and ion exchange (IX) WPI, in standard and instant formats. You’ll also benefit from our specialised high-clarity WPI if you’re looking to use them for clear beverages.

The result of our innovative work is a WPI range with exceptional versatility and functionality, covering everything from dessert toppings to medical nutrition. Key uses include:

  • Low pH nutritional beverages
  • Dry mix beverages
  • Clear beverages 
  • Nutrition bars
  • Protein fortified foodstuffs
  • Sports nutrition products
  • Whipped toppings and cultured dairy


Download our WPI fact sheet for more information about the range.

Some of our Whey Protein Isolate products we recommend:

SureProtein™  Clear 8855 Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – 90% Protein

This breakthrough ingredient for ready-to-drink beverages is best-in-class with neutral flavour, the highest clarity and stability in acidic beverages (pH<3.7).

SureProtein™  Clear 895 Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – 90% Protein

This ingredient has a very good neutral flavour, good clarity and stability in acidic beverages (pH<3.7). It is also low lactose, with zero fat.

SureProtein™  Clear 8899 Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – 90% Protein

Good acid-heat and process stability, and good solubility at acidic pH, makes for a versatile ingredient. 





Clean flavor, high protein

giving it versatility for a range of application options, and meeting increasing consumer demand for protein

Made from New Zealand milk

From the world leader in dairy, the only manufacturers of WPI in New Zealand – a source people trust

Exceptional performance and consistency

Consistent product quality, helping add value and functionality to your product