SureProtein™ Fast MPC 4868

Our latest innovation in Milk Protein Concentrates 

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NZMP has created a new Milk Protein Concentrate that significantly increases the rate of amino acid digestion and absorption after consumption.

SureProtein™ Fast MPC 4868 is an optimal source of rapidly digestible milk proteins, providing muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption compared to standard milk protein offerings.


Speed of amino acid appearance in the blood over time

Protein is required immediately after exercise to optimise muscle recovery and maximise building of lean muscle. Whey has traditionally been considered the gold standard in sports because of its excellent nutritional profile and rapid absorption resulting in a higher level of muscle synthesis.

However, consumption of SureProtein™ Fast MPC 4868 after exercise results in a similar pattern of amino acid appearance as whey protein, unlike standard milk protein ingredients.


Concentration of essential amino acids in the blood (after 60 minutes)

Fast Milk Protein provides a new science story from which to engage consumers in the sports and healthy lifestyle segment, through taking Milk Protein Concentrate from a ‘slow’ protein to a ‘fast’ protein.

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