Boost the benefits of nutrition

Fonterra’s Aaron Fanning discusses how a diet rich in dairy protein can help to optimise fat loss 

Burn fat, boost stamina, feel fuller for longer

Obesity and overweight is a major health concern worldwide, to the point of being described as a global pandemic. Growing evidence provides insight into the beneficial effects of consuming a higher protein diet when attempting to lose excess weight, or maintaining this weight loss.

In his latest White Paper about the benefits of dairy protein, Fonterra Senior Nutritionist, Aaron Fanning discusses how a diet rich in dairy protein, in combination with an exercise training programme, helps to optimise fat loss and lean muscle gain providing the desired body composition benefits.

"Protein does more to the body than just providing a source of energy. Our bodies need a range of amino acids, called indispensable or essential amino acids, to provide the substrate to restore body tissues. These essential amino acids can only be supplied through protein in our diet.  For weight loss, protein has three major beneficial effects to the body; appetite control, thermogenesis and muscle maintenance." says Aaron.

Click here to read more and download Aaron’s White Paper.

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