Total Milk Proteins

With the combined benefit of casein and whey proteins, plus the functional performance of caseinates

Our proprietary process isolates the casein and whey from skim milk to create a range of ingredients that are all very high in protein (>90%). They retain the functional performance of caseinates and have a very bland flavour profile, making them useful in a wide variety of applications.


  • Excellent nutritional quality
  • Range optimised for different functionalities
  • Low in lactose (0.1%) and fat (0.7%)
  • Bland flavour profile

Optimised range delivers maximum versatility

Total milk proteins (TMPs) deliver very high protein content by retaining casein and whey proteins. This makes them very useful in nutritional products, but their added versatility gives them even wider applications. Our TMP’s beneficial characteristics include such things as good heat stability, opacity in water suspension and good whipping qualities. This sees them used in everything from coffee whitener and baking products to powdered dietary supplements and isotonic formulations.


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