Paediatric Grade Powders

Manufactured to the highest infant formula standards

Our SureStartTM paediatric grade milk powders are manufactured to meet the exacting standards required for the manufacture of formula for infants and young children.

Our solutions are made to the strictest food safety and quality standards, and are suitable for use in maternal, infant formula (IF), follow-on-formula (FO) and growing up milk (GUMP) applications.


Fonterra supports the WHO code which states: Breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for infants. Breast milk substitutes are recognised by the World Health Organisation as safe and nutritious alternatives to breast milk for infants whose mothers cannot or choose not to breastfeed.


  • Paediatric grade whole milk and skim milk 
  • Regular and instant options available
  • Made only from fresh NZ milk in two product-aligned, dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • Tight control of microbial and functional parameters
  • Compliant to aligned market requirements 

Uncompromising control with dedicated facilities

We recognise that product quality for paediatric nutrition is of paramount importance, and that is why our SureStartTM paediatric grade powders are manufactured at two product-aligned dedicated factories in New Zealand, delivering the advantage of consistent quality of product from a single source.

Quality and performance you can count on

NZMP has a reputation for quality, consistency and reliability, shown in independent benchmarking. These are qualities you can rely on across our range of paediatric grade powders, delivering a better experience for customers and consumers. 


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Strict control and testing

Two dedicated plants with highly-advanced processing

A range to suit

Paediatric grade WMP and SMP

Consistent vitamin and mineral content

The result of advanced processing capability and a singular focus on quality