Cream Powder

Adds a rich, creamy flavour in easy-to-handle powder form

Our cream powder is made from a blend of fresh dairy cream and skim milk, spray dried to create a naturally rich 55%-fat powder. Its many uses include the manufacture of instant soups, sauces, chocolate and bakery products, and frozen desserts including ice cream.


  • Rich, creamy dairy flavour
  • Good dispersibility, solubility and flow
  • High (55%) fat content
  • Convenient powder format is easy to handle and store compared to UHT and fresh cream
  • Nitrogen flushed packaging maintains freshness and extends shelf life

The natural goodness of New Zealand milk

NZMP Cream Powder is a natural product, containing no additives, preservatives, other fats or impurities. It’s made exclusively with milk from New Zealand cows, which graze on pasture year-round. With a naturally high fat content, our Cream Powder is the perfect way to add that rich, creamy, dairy taste to your product.


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