Medical nutrition and healthy ageing

Supporting health and nutrition as we age

A growing geriatric population, the rise in the number of malnutrition patients as well as elderly people living longer with diseases are just some of the major factors behind the growing demand for medical nutrition products.

Nutrition is at the heart of health and healthcare and that’s why NZMP has developed a new, highly specialised unit to formulate a range of dairy nutrition solutions, which will help all of us live longer, healthier lives.

Our Medical Nutrition team is committed to creating advanced products for patients, as well as innovations that enable everyone to enjoy healthy ageing.

With our expertise and experience we can provide advanced ingredients that will power medical nutrition for all stages of life and for use in healthy ageing products.

Medical nutrition and healthy aging 

We’re living longer and as our population ages we are facing a number of challenges. Malnutrition is a very real problem for many in our communities, particularly the sick, frail and elderly who often don’t always get the nutrients they need.

There is a growing demand for medical nutrition products to help them recover faster from illness, leave hospital stronger and make them better equipped to cope at home.

We’re also here for the ‘healthy agers’, who are demanding nutrition products that allow them to enjoy robust health for many more years than their parents and grandparents.

Our ingredients can target heath health, boost energy and help people retain muscle health and strength, particularly at times when they are bed-bound through illness.

Malnutrition and disease-related malnutrition can affect children too and has a significant impact on millions of people worldwide. Our Medical Nutrition team can support businesses that are striving to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our product portfolio

Versatility, quality and innovation are fundamental to everything we do. We can partner with you to formulate dairy nutrition solutions. We develop highly specialised ingredients that offer customers specific benefits and reflect leading-edge R&D, backed by clinical research.

From caseins to whey proteins to our specialised ingredients, the breadth and depth of our portfolio is unmatched. Through years of expertise and research we have the products you need to help your customers recover from illness and remain healthy and active throughout their adult lives.




Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll help you find the perfect ingredient solution.



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