Immunity Supporting Opportunities for Probiotics in Active Living

Are you missing out out on a key growth opportunity in this space?

26 Aug 2021

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Consumers are turning to both active living and better diets that incorporate hero ingredients like probiotics, to improve their immunity. Despite this, only a few brands positioned for active living are actually leveraging on this growing consumer trend. 

1. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their susceptability to disease and illness. 

Graph from Fast Facts August 2021 edition


2. Exercise alongside an improved diet is being used to improve consumers immunity.

Graph from Fast Facts August 2021 edition


3. Consumers are interested in reducing inflammation when engaging in physical activity.

Percentage of consumers who are interested in finding out how to reduce inflammation when engaging in physical activity.2

United States




United Kingdom

South Korea

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4. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for products containing probiotics.


5. Immunity claims are increasing for products that support active living.

However, very few brands are leveraging probiotics’ growing association with immunity.

Number of new launches with immunity claims (Performance nutrition products, MAT).3



of Performance nutrition products that claim immunity also call out probiotics. 


Consumers continue to seek ways to improve their immunity. Combining an active lifestyle with improved diet is a path that many consumers are taking.

Consumers are also becoming interested in finding out how to reduce inflammation while engaging in physical activity. This creates an opportunity for performance nutrition products to support this emerging consumer need. 

Probiotics are a recognised hero ingredient in supporting immunity. Brands can benefit from creating stronger links between immunity and probiotics in their product claims to leverage probiotics’ growing popularity.


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This article was based on the August edition of Fast Facts.

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