Medical and Healthy Ageing Nutrition

Your partner in pioneering nutritional solutions for patients and healthy agers.


A growing number of malnourished patients and an ageing population are driving medical nutrition demand.

NZMP has developed a new, highly specialised unit to formulate a range of dairy nutrition solutions to help people recovering from disease and illness at all stages of life, and for those who want to take preventative actions for the benefit of their health as they age.

Needs Areas

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Critical care

Optimising nutrients for recovery when the body is under extreme stress.

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Healthy Ageing

Maintaining mobility, strength and energy are key to vitality as we age.

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Compromised health outcomes are often a result of poor nutrient intake.

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A leading cause of loss of independence in older age due to muscle mass decline.

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Careful nutrition to support surgery preparation and a quick recovery.

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Our Solutions Team

Our Cross-functional team can support Medical Nutrition or Healthy Ageing business.

World class ingredients for the vulnerable and ageing sectors

Using our ingredients and expertise for better patient outcomes

Nutrition, Marketing and Insights

Product positioning support for best cut-through in market

Formulation Expertise

Technical collaboration & co-creation to go-to-market faster

Technical Training Workshops

Functional training for businesses of any size

Supply Chain Solutions

Extensive expertise & solutions to extend your market reach


Supporting health through nutrition

Around the world, patients and healthy agers can find it difficult to get the nutrition they need to recover well or stay healthy as they age. We combine the natural goodness of dairy with world-leading expertise to create nutrition that supports people in living longer, healthier lives. 
Read this brochure to learn more about how NZMP pioneers nutritional solutions for the medical and healthy ageing nutrition space. 


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