COVID-19 Resources

NZMP has developed a number of resources to keep customers informed during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more below.

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Our response to the global COVID-19 outbreak is being managed through our robust incident response processes. 

We have actioned our business continuity plans for our sites, offices and facilities. Learn more about Fonterra's response to Coronavirus here

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More COVID-19 Insights and Updates

Jacqueline van Schaik shares key takeaways from this years ESPEN Congress, themed "Nutrition Matters", including the role of dairy ingredients in developing specialised nutrition solutions.  

Discover trends influencing the global high protein drinking yoghurt market.

Of all the foods in the supermarket, cultured products are among the most innovative and evolving.

Gordon Carlyle and David Ross describe their experience and learnings from COVID-19's impact on the global supply chain.

COVID-19 is creating new opportunities for solutions that can strengthen the immune system naturally, such as probiotics and lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin has a reputation for being an immunity 'super-ingredient'. Discover what scientific evidence exists to support these claims.  

Fonterra scientists assess the validity of claims that lactoferrin can play a role against COVID-19.

Get the scoop on the latest trends in medical nutrition at the ASPEN Virtual Congress 2021.

Simon Gilmour, one of Fonterra’s Research Scientists, highlights how nutrition can play a role in fighting against the rise of obesity accelerated by COVID-19.

Read about the key shopping trends caused by the global pandemic, including the rise of the cautious consumer.

Michelle Teodoro, Mintel, discusses the opportunities for dairy in supporting consumers holistic wellbeing goals in this new normal.

Mintel uncovers the effects of COVID-19 on sustainability, from the acceleration of old trends to the emergence of new ones.

Roshena De Leon helps you to prepare for 2021 by understanding behavioral changes & new consumer trends triggered by COVID-19. 

Read what Euromonitor experts have to say about the role of technology in improving supply chain visibility standards as a result of COVID-19.

What long-term consumer behavior changes should your business prepare for in a post COVID-19 world?

The continuous development of medical nutrition. We share the key topics at ESPEN this year.

Learn how the different components of whey protein can help support immune health.

Fonterra CEO Miles Hurrell says 2019/20 was a good year for the Co-op, with profit up, debt down, and a strong milk price.

James Caffyn joins us from GIRA to share his thoughts on how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the dairy industry, and how we can prepare to get through this. 

Hear from Stephanie Mattucci on how consumers are more aware of the importance of healthy eating for immunity protection, especially now with COVID-19.