Our Middle East & Africa Dairy Expertise

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Dairy is an important part of Middle Eastern and African diets

The value in health and wellness products is rising rapidly across the Middle East and Africa, this is also evident in reports from Euromonitor. We expect this trend will continue.

Having previously had the lowest dairy consumption in the world, Africa’s newfound appetite for dairy nutrition presents a particularly exciting new frontier. The Middle East and Africa is now the fastest-growing region for dairy products in the world at 8.6% CAGR in the next five years.1

Sustainability is a rising trend in the Middle East, Africa and across the globe. As we have been working on sustainability for over 20 years, our expertise ranges from packaging and manufacturing to on-farm practices. We can support our customers with data and insights for their claims.

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population growth has been seen in MEA over the past 5 years2



of the global market size in the food segment comes from MEA3



of MEA's food industry is Dairy & Soy food, which is the largest sector4



CAGR, MEA is the fastest-growing region for dairy in the world1

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Understanding the latest trends in MEA

Recently, we see more conscious consumers with a focus on health and nutrition in their lifestyle choices. Consumers look for maximised nutrition at a low cost. We can support our customers to be proactive in understanding and leveraging this trend, with our knowledge and ingredients.

As well as offering a variety of dairy nutrition products, NZMP have some of the most knowledgeable experts in dairy not only in the Middle East and Africa but in New Zealand and other parts of the NZMP globe.

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Meet the Middle East & Africa Team

We have offices in Dubai, Jeddah, Algeria and a factory in Dammam. Our team support our customers by partnering with them to find the right solutions and ingredients for their business. We also deliver other range of solutions, such as Price Risk Management tools. We also partner with a network of authorised resellers in Middle East & Africa, who are trusted to sell NZMP ingredients.

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