Trends at Gulfood 2023

Insights from the world’s largest food and beverage tradeshow in Dubai, Middle East

20 Mar 2023

5 min

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) dairy products market is projected to reach USD $2.47 billion, at a CAGR of 6.89%, by 20261. The dairy sector is one of the most significant revenue-generating food sectors in the UAE and there is a need for the development and introduction of better products2.

The rise in health-conscious consumers across the country has led to a shift in eating preferences in favour of healthy and nutritious products3, 4, 5, 6.

There is greater adoption of functional dairy products among consumers as they increasingly look for high nutritional value including high-protein content, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals (such as calcium)7.

In addition to this, global consumers have become more concerned about environmental issues as a result of COVID-19, with those concerned rising from 55% in April 2020 to 71% in April 20228

In line with these growing trends, NZMP promoted its high performing ingredients for Beverages, Cultured, Consumer Powders and Dairy Foods applications as well as the New Zealand grass-fed difference through our new digital sustainability activation on stand.


NZMP Ingredients for Beverage Applications

Globally, consumer demand for healthier and more functional ingredients such as protein, is on the rise9At Gulfood 2023, we showcased high-protein beverages to help customers capitalise on this trend.

Attendees who visited the stand could sample two innovative Beverages on stand which were accompanied by inspirational consumer concepts including:

  • Power Up - A High-Protein Coffee Milk: This ice-cold coffee milk is made from Arabica coffee beans paired with grass-fed New Zealand dairy. Fuel your day with this delicious and creamy coffee milk, high in good quality protein with a caffeine hit to boost and sustain your energy on the go. This is made with NZMP WMP UHT Perform & NZMP MPC 485.

NZMP Ingredients for Cultured Applications

Protein-rich yoghurt presents an excellent opportunity as both a healthy breakfast and a nutritious, convenient snack consumers love. On stand at Gulfood 2023, customers could learn more about our high-protein yoghurt concepts.

Those who visited the stand were able to sample two Cultured Products which were showcased with exciting consumer concepts including:

  • Hunger Buster: A protein-fortified yoghurt drink that supports satiety and helps reduce energy intake, made with NZMP functional WPC 550.
  • Boost: With its smooth and creamy texture, it delivers a moment of guilt-free indulgence. With 18g of quality dairy protein per 150g serve, it is a healthy option that provides an indulgent break in my busy day, made with NZMP functional WPC 550 & NZMP Milk Protein Concentrate 4861.
Explore our functional proteins for Cultured applications in this product summary and learn about NZMP’s Cultured expertise in this video.

NZMP Ingredients for Consumer Powders Applications

Global consumers are taking a more holistic and long-term approach to their health and wellbeing, seeking products that offer more benefits for their overall health like immunity or cognition10. The health and wellness powdered milk market is worth USD $8.7 billion globally11. At the tradeshow this year, we showed customers how to create a Consumer Milk Powder proposition to meet the demands of health-conscious consumers.

People who visited the stand were able to sample four Consumer Powders ingredients including:

1.  NZMP NutriWhite Dairy Based Powder - A deliciously creamy powder enriched with vitamins and minerals. Designed specifically for markets where affordable access to nutrition is important.

2.  NZMP FFMP - Great tasting, functional and affordable dairy powder, with the natural benefits of dairy protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals plus enriched with added vitamins A and D.

3.  NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder (28% & 26% fat) - The gold standard in quality and consistency. With proven superior reconstitution performance, consistent appearance and a freshness guarantee.

4.  NZMP Fortified+ Instant Whole Milk Powder - All the natural goodness of New Zealand dairy, plus added fortification with Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, C and D.

Visitors could also explore the many opportunities associated with NZMP’s Consumer Powders by reviewing inspirational product concepts which included - family milk, kid’s growth and development and a healthy ageing proposition made possible with NZMP NutriWhite.  

Learn about the many opportunities available to your business in this video.
powders, beverages and cultured bench at gulfood

NZMP Ingredients for Dairy Foods Applications

We have world-leading processed cheese expertise thanks to decades of research and development. At Gulfood 2023, attendees were able to explore how they can leverage our expertise to support their business.


Attendees who visited the stand were able to explore our:

    1.  Cheese Product Selector Tool designed to help you find the best NZMP ingredients to use for making Processed Cheese, specific to your region and factory requirements.

    2.  Full range of natural cheese products, celebrating our quality ingredients, expertise and innovation in the brochure for our NZMP Dairy Foods Ingredients Range.

    3. Expertise within the Cheese team, who can support you with cheese formulation and processing. We understand how to optimise your process and match our ingredients to your plant and product.

If you missed them at the tradeshow, you can connect with one of our Dairy Foods experts through your Account Manager, including Donna McBride and David Gaiger, from the NZMP stand at Gulfood 2023.

Our Dairy Foods experts at Gulfood 2023

Donna McBride

GM Category Innovation, Core Dairy - Fonterra

Donna is a Food Technology graduate with 20 years of experience in the Dairy Industry. Donna has been based in several global locations including various technical, business development and leadership roles for the New Zealand and Irish Dairy industry. She has worked across the full spectrum of dairy products and is most recently managing our Core Dairy category that spans Consumer Powders, Cultured and Beverage applications.

David Gaiger

Technical Engagement Manager, Dairy Foods - Fonterra

David has worked in the dairy industry for more than 20 years. Starting as a process engineer with a focus on protein manufacturing, he moved into project and plant management and then onto a Business Development role. Since joining Fonterra he has continued with protein manufacturing and customer support roles working with some of Fonterra’s key customers on quality and manufacturing improvement. He has been part of the Marketing team for the past 2 years working on global cheese opportunities and growing customers’ knowledge of cheese and cheese ingredients. He loves helping people learn about cheese and the great things that can be done with it.

Fonterra Sustainability Solutions

Our New Zealand grass-fed difference can be your sustainability advantage.

At Gulfood this year, we showcased the New Zealand grass-fed difference through our new sustainability digital activation on stand. This demonstrated the benefits for our customers of partnering with us to accelerate their sustainability journey.


Those who visited the stand could:

Jenna Grieve, Marketing Manager for Fonterra’s Sustainability Solutions was excited to connect with customers at Gulfood 2023 and share her sustainability expertise.

We’re showcasing our New Zealand products that come from one of the most sustainable sources of dairy in the world and that’s because in New Zealand we farm a little bit differently. Our cows are outdoors in nature, they are 96% grass fed and spend more time on pasture than anywhere else in the world. Our New Zealand on-farm carbon footprint is already approximately one third of the global average and we aspire to be net zero by 2050.

Jenna Grieve, Marketing Manager, Fonterra Sustainability Solutions

Gulfood is a great opportunity to connect with NZMP customers from around the world. Our team on stand had an incredible time sharing our world-leading ingredients, cutting-edge solutions, deep dairy expertise, and sustainability offerings.

We enjoyed meeting with each of our customers on stand and look forward to connecting with customers again at the next tradeshow!

Gulfood 2023 group photo
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