Trends at Fi Europe 2019

NZMP experts dive into regional trends, on the ground, at Food Ingredients Europe 2019.

16 Dec 2019

1 min

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"Consumers want clean label, natural products with a sustainable and traceable origin story."

90% of global consumers believe eating healthy is important for overall wellness,  with probiotics, lower-lactose and speciality dairy proteins proving popular options.

Angus Rowland, NZMP Innovation Lead for EU, adds, “Demand for on-the-go nutrition and healthy snacking options has grown rapidly as consumers seek options that sustain them for longer and support their active health and wellness goals.” 


Innova reports that healthy snacking options had the fastest NPD growth over the last 5 years.

Snacking Insights

The UN have determined the number of people over 60 years of age will surpass two billion by 2050. 

Healthy Ageing Range

In today’s busy society, mental health and wellbeing is equally as important as physical health.

Benefits of Probiotics



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The ageing population requires targeted nutrition. 

Over 20 million older citizens are at risk of protein-energy malnutrition in Europe. 

PROMISS is a Research and Innovation Programme that stands for the Prevention Of Malnutrition In Senior Subjects. PROMISS involves 24 organisations and Fonterra is the only dairy company in this multidisciplinary Consortium. Working with HAS university, we aim to tackle the challenge of malnutrition in community-dwelling seniors and support healthy ageing. 

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