Our Europe Dairy Expertise

NZMP's European team support the development of a wide range of specialty ingredients. 

NZMP Europe is staying ahead of the curve

NZMP's European team have supported the development of a wide range of specialty ingredients and continue to work with strategic customers on new formulations for supporting the growing health and wellness trend in this region. 

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Germany’s dairy sector market value in 20161  (USD)


CAGR based on Sport Protein, Western Europe 2017-20222


Expected value of Germany’s dairy sector market in 20201 (USD)


of German consumers like whey-based protein in dairy products1

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Meet Hans Huistra, Regional Director of Europe

Hans says he’s passionate about the dairy sector having worked in it since he was 25 years old and is especially proud of how truly global NZMP is.

“Our interaction with the New Zealand research and development team is very close,” he says. “This ensures we stay ahead of the curve and continue to be the strongest innovator in dairy worldwide.”

Meet Thijs Bosch, General Manager of Europe

Thijs has seen first-hand the many benefits of NZMP Europe’s innovative range.

“At NZMP Europe we have a great mix between people coming from New Zealand and providing expertise, especially on the technical side and with formulations, and a great European talent base we can tap in to as well.”

  • [1] FMCG GURUS: Consumer and Market Trends – Dairy in Germany
  • [2] Euromonitor | Sport Protein, 2018
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