Organic Dairy Nutrition

Premium, safe organic dairy ingredients that are closer to nature


New Zealand’s natural environment and farming practices are ideally suited to creating certified organic dairy products just the way nature intended.

NZMP Organic Dairy provides a range of premium grass-fed organic ingredients made from combining generations of dairy expertise with high quality organic certified New Zealand milk.

Our organic offerings are independently certified to internationally recognised organic standards to meet the growing demand for organic foods globally.

Reasons to work with Fonterra Organics 

  • Extensive range of organic dairy ingredients and non-dairy sourcing knowledge
  • World leading dairy ingredient and applications expertise
  • Scale and capacity to support growth
  • Global supply chain and organic certification capability
  • Access to pasture access all year round – dairy that exceeds expectations of the conscious consumer

NZMP Organic Advantage

Organic farming in New Zealand leverages the natural goodness and purity of our land to produce certified organic dairy products that are closer to nature and trusted by consumers. What advantages are your consumers seeking from their organic products?



Our organic milk is produced from free range cows that are:  free from antibiotics growth hormones (prohibited by the NZ Government in relation to dairy farming) and GMOs; pasture raised on farms free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizer; and the cows are healthy, productive, and content.


NZMP Organics adhere to a range of global organic standards covering our farms, factories, ingredients, and finished goods. This certification standard provides trust in quality.


Durham Farms was founded with the vision to profitably grow organic food whilst enabling the natural environment to thrive. The founders and their growing team aim to leave the land healthier and more productive through sustainable improvement.


The farming practices that our Organic farmers employ are sustainable and ensure a farming practice that will sustain generations to come.

Our Organic Ingredients

By combining the finest organic grass fed milk with world-leading dairy expertise, we offer a wide range of organic dairy ingredients that live up to our incredibly high standards of safety, quality, purity and performance

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