Fonterra Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Fonterra’s 2021 Sustainability Performance Report indicates promising headway and momentum in the right direction.

27 Oct 2021

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Following a great 2020 performance, Fonterra has achieved one of its most promising sustainability results to date.

In recent years, we have set some ambitious goals that will help us become a more sustainable business. Now is the time to take stock to see how we are going towards reaching those goals.

Let’s take a look at a few of Fonterra’s biggest sustainability wins of the year…

Fonterra Sustainability Performance Report 2021 Summary:

  • Food safety certification: 100% for our manufacturing sites are now independently certified to a leading food management system.
  • 11% reduction in GHG emissions from coal in a single year, primarily through the conversion to renewable wood pellets at the Te Awamutu site. 
  • 6.5% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions since FY18 well on way to 30% by 2030.
  • 94% of packaging on products sold in Australia are now made from recycle-ready materials.*
  • 3246 farms in New Zealand achieved one of the recognition levels in out Co-operative difference framework. Over the last year, around a third of Fonterra farmers were recognised in the overall programme and 25% more achieved Te Tihi (the top) and Te Puku (the midpoint) than the previous year.  
  • KickStart Breakfast grew to over 1,300 schools across New Zealand, serving more than 180,000 breakfasts per week.

* The exact level of recyclability achieved will vary depending on the scope and availability of collection, sorting and recycling in the given market.

Want to know more? Read about our sustainability solutions here or contact your account manager if you have more questions.


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