The broadest range of repack powders suitable for direct repack or dry blending.


The NZMP consumer milk powder range provides a wide variety of options to meet the needs of your consumers. Whether you are looking for superior performance, added fortification or lower cost options, each of our consumer powders include nutritional benefits to meet the needs of today’s consumer. With multiple benefit platforms to choose from, there are many opportunities to position your product.

Reasons to Choose NZMP Consumer Powders

  • We have the range of repack powders ready to meet all your repack or dry blending needs
  • Whether you are looking for superior performance or an affordable product, you can offer your consumers a range of benefits and on pack claims
  • Our deep dairy expertise is second-to-none, with over 90 years of experience, technical resources, and a huge focus on innovation and continual improvement, NZMP Consumer Powders is your perfect partner 

Find the Ideal Consumer Powder

  • Streamlined Experience: Our intuitive and interactive toolkit simplifies the process, taking the friction out of your powder selection journey.
  • Technical Expertise: Dive in and understand the functional properties of each consumer powder.
  • Market Insights: Discover up to date consumer trends so you can make informed decisions with confidence.
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Check out some inspirational concepts that bring to life the opportunities across the consumer powders range

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