New tool unlocks the perfect consumer powder

NZMP™ launches Consumer Powders Portfolio Toolkit helping brands find the optimal powder for their needs

28 Sep 2023

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Dairy brands across the world can now compare, learn about, and choose the right consumer powders for their market with the easy to navigate, NZMP™ Consumer Powders Portfolio Toolkit.

Packed with current category and consumer trends, inspiring product concepts, and tips on leveraging Fonterra’s unique suite of claims and content, this guide is an industry must-have.

The toolkit is an interactive, easy to follow, electronic publication (EPUB) complete with product demo videos, as seen below, infographics and animations, making it an enjoyable learning experience for the reader. The toolkit shows how NZMP’s consumer powders portfolio is broken down into three categories for clear guidance: superior performance, everyday nutrition and affordable nutrition. The milk powders under each of these categories offer different consumer benefits and make it easy for customers to determine the powders suitable for their markets. 

Insightful category and consumer trends

With the total powdered milk market worth $16.5BN globally1, the category trends cited within the toolkit provide customers with valuable touchpoints to help with marketing. As consumer demand for added nutrition and health and wellness claims increase, NZMP’s Consumer Powders Portfolio Toolkit helps brands uncover market insights and global trends to inspire their proposition.

Benefit platforms to deliver a wide range of consumer needs

The toolkit easily explains how brands can leverage the natural nutrition of New Zealand dairy as well as the additional fortification of key nutrients to provide the health benefits consumers seek. Using the NZMP™ consumer powders benefit platforms, brands can determine which powder will suit their market and why. 

NZMP Consumer Powders teenage boy drinking milk

Inspiring product concepts

By leveraging the natural nutrition within milk and the additional fortification of key nutrients, NZMP's portfolio of consumer milk powders is able to deliver to a wide range of consumer needs. The toolkit provides conceptual product designs so that customers can visualise the many opportunities they have to create multiple consumer products from one powder.  

NZMP Marketing Toolkit Consumer Powders concepts

Get started on your interactive journey through the world of consumer powders.

To find out what powders are right for you, confidently compare products and learn about the benefits of NZMPTM ingredients, you can access the Consumer Powders Portfolio Toolkit here. For more information about how partnering with NZMPTM could benefit your brand, contact us today.

  • 1. Euromonitor International 2022, retail sales (USD million)

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