Fonterra joins the Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI)

By joining MNI's efforts, Fonterra and therefore NZMP, strives to improve outcomes for patients through medical nutrition therapy

14 Oct 2021

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NZMP is Fonterra's ingredients brand, which has a strategic focus on developing solutions for medical nutrition. 

The voice of the medical nutrition industry globally 

The Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) represents companies that offer specialised nutrition solutions and services designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of patients. 

This includes Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS), Enteral Tube Feeding (ETF), and Parenteral Nutrition (PN). Member companies supply ingredients or devices that are used in the medical nutrition market.

The combined efforts of member companies allows for improved translation of clinical nutrition research into regulatory frameworks, and ultimately standard practice. The aim is to create an environment that provides fair access to nutritional care throughout the world. 

Utilising the strength of Fonterra's dairy ingredients expertise

As a new member to MNI, Fonterra offers extensive knowledge on the use of dairy ingredients in medical nutrition formulations

With a passionate team dedicated to advancing health outcomes through nutrtion, Fonterra is at the forefront of technological innovations that can break-through the barriers that may have historically restricted improved nutritional care solutions for patients. 

In announcing Fonterra's membership, MNI President Manuela Schaflechner commented that the co-operative's decision to join MNI strengthens efforts to provide quality nutritional interventions and services to best serve the interests of patients, and those working in healthcare. 

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As a key provider of dairy ingredients and formulation expertise for nutritional solutions, Fonterra will greatly contribute to MNI's mission to provide quality nutritional interventions and services...

Manuela Schaflechner, MNI President

Importantly, NZMP ingredients are sold in over 130 countries which supports MNI's mission to improve access to nutritional care through a range healthcare settings. 


Better care through better nutrition

Evidence continues to show that proper medical nutrition can improve nutritional status, reduce adverse health outcomes, and reduce the economic cost of nutrition related conditions. While international and professional guidelines for nutrition intervention are widely avaliable the implementation of these practices are not consistent. 

MNI strives to put nutrition at the heart of patient care and works to raise awareness of the value of nutritional care across ages and healthcare settings. 

To strengthen this industry voice, MNI is part of a non-affiliated industry network across Europe to support cooperation at pan-European level. This is key for supporting the advancement of nutritional care in national health systems. 


Preventing malnutrition for better patient outcomes

Malnutrition, or disease-related malnutrition, is a common condition in elderly and patients and is characterised by compromised health outcomes as result of poor nutrition intake.

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Given the prevalence of malnutrition and association poor health outcomes in healthcare settings, malnutrition is an important focus for MNI. 

MNI has released several publications on the latest information relating to the important role that medical nutrition plays in treating malnutrition. For further reading, see MNI's medical nutrition dossier which provides guidelines related to the management of disease-related malnutrition. 

Solutions to combat malnutrition

See our full range of applications including compact nutrition (ONS), modular protein options, and protein enriched foods


For more information please read the joint press release from Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) and Fonterra. 

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