Introducing the NZMP™ Carbon Footprinter

Giving customers access to and certification of the emissions profile of NZ-sourced NZMP products

26 Feb 2024

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“We know that for many of our customers, we are a large part of their scope 3 emissions. We are being open and transparent and making it easy for our customers to understand how our climate plans and actions directly relate to the products they purchase from us.”

- Gillian Munnik, Global Markets, Director Sales & Marketing  

Fonterra has been working on climate action for many years. We have been issuing a sustainability report annually since 2017, measuring our on-farm carbon footprint for more than 15 years, and most recently, we issued our Climate Roadmap: Our strategy towards net zero 2050.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important topic with our customers, we want to be able to show them not only what we are doing as an organisation, but how our climate targets could directly relate to the products that they purchase from us.

In 2022 we received our first certification for our product-level carbon footprint across our major New Zealand sourced dairy product categories, providing emissions data for specific products, not just milk pools. We wanted to meet the evolving needs of customers for accurate and accessible product-level data providing the transparency our customers are after.

The NZMP™ Carbon Footprinter makes it easy for customers to access our emissions data for our New Zealand sourced NZMP products, and understand how our climate targets could relate to the products they purchase from us.

Customers can select from our New Zealand major dairy product categories, input the volume they purchase, and easily retrieve the 2023 emissions of the products they purchase from us.


NZMP Carbon Footprinter tool on laptop


83% of customers are looking for information on the specific products that they buy from suppliers.1

Customers are also able to see the potential emissions reductions of these products out to 2030, which are based on the assumption we achieve our climate targets set out in the Climate Roadmap.

We can also offer Carbon Footprint Certificates for our New Zealand sourced NZMP products, giving customers confidence in the emissions profile of NZMP products today. This is a third-party certification of our product’s carbon footprint issued by Toitū Envirocare, a wholly owned subsidiary of a New Zealand government Crown Research Institute, providing customers with independent assurance of our NZMP product level emissions.

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NZMP Carbon Certificate framed example
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