Meet an expert behind NZMP's Recombined Reference

Get to know Lisa Rutherford - Principal Research Technologist at the Fonterra Research and Development Centre

12 Feb 2024

2 min

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The Recombined Reference is a practical guide to recombining milk based on scientific sources, Fonterra’s unpublished research and their wealth of dairy expertise.

Recombination is a process whereby milk that has been dried into a powder form is reconstituted to return it to liquid. It is possible to create all traditional dairy applications including cheese, beverages and cultured by recombining dried ingredients and because the nutritional value of recombined products is virtually the same as that of fresh milk, recombination offers a convenient way to store milk for later use. As the dairy ingredients and solutions brand of Fonterra, NZMP™ has created this reference for its customers and other parties in the dairy industry.

Lisa is the Principal Research Technologist at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Lisa has been with Fonterra for over 25 years. After graduating from Massey University with a degree in Food Technology, Lisa began her career in dairy when she was accepted onto a graduate programme at Fonterra. As a Principal Research Technologist in the cultured foods team, Lisa and her colleagues are responsible for research projects and new product development within this space. Lisa’s areas of expertise are high protein yoghurts and the development of new and improved dairy proteins that enhance the taste and texture of cultured foods. Lisa draws her inspiration from other senior researchers and technologists at Fonterra; some of whom have been there longer than she has.

With her approach to her work, Lisa believes that it’s important to write everything up as they are constantly making improvements to processes made in the past. That is what the Recombined Reference does; in its fourth edition, the reference has been expanded and updated with content from reference sources, experimental results and generations of expertise from within NZMP. Lisa says the Recombined Reference is unique because it covers such a wide range of ingredients. It makes NZMP’s expert guidance and know-how accessible to all.

"It benefits our customers by constantly being able to help improve and renovate their products. This may be through formulation or processing advice, or the co-development of an ingredient for a new type of cultured product. The Recombined Reference shows customers there are more ingredients and processes available than they might realise, in a workable, usable form."

- Lisa Rutherford, Principal Research Technologist, Fonterra

Find out more about the expertise behind NZMP's Recombined Reference, here.

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